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Tajikistan is an independent republic on the southern fringe of former Soviet Central Asia. Beautiful and remote, Tajikistan has much to offer to the mountaineer, the hiker and the independent traveller in search of remote locations and unusual cultural experiences. There are opportunities for alpine mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, horse or camel riding, cycling, historical exploration, cultural experiences or simply relaxing among dramatic mountains and lakes.

The Pamir region has three peaks over 7000m in height: Peak Somoni, Peak Lenin and Peak Korzhenevskaya. For alpine climbing, high level walking tours and breathtaking lakes (especially when you take a dip) the Fann mountains, just across the border from Samarkand, are ideal.

The populated valleys have a rich history. The famous silk road divided in this region to find various ways through the high mountain chains and the valleys of the Wakhan and the Zeraphshan are known to have been key routes. Zorastrianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam have all left their mark, as have the great empires from the Persians to the soviet era.

Tajikistan used to be a popular tourist destination within the Soviet Union because of the dramatic mountains, beautiful lakes, hot springs and winter skiing. The cold shower of perestroika followed in rapid succession by independence and the ensuing civil war of the early 1990s virtually destroyed the economy and put a halt to travel. What remains of the soviet era are some tour bases and sanatoria in various states of repair.

Hamsafar specialises in adventure travel and Tajikistan is a country in which travel is often an adventure in its own right – you don’t need to look too far to find it.  Tajikistan is a developing country and infrastructure such as roads and utilities are the subject of major investment. The Tajik attitude to time is more relaxed than in the West. A sense of humour and a willingness to be flexible will be helpful.

Our website can only give you a taste of this amazing country. Before you come, we strongly recommend that you secure a copy of ‘Tajikistan and the High Pamir’ by Hugh Thomas and Robert Middleton, published in 2008 by Odyssey, 2nd ed 2011. The guides and leaders of Hamsafar Travel contributed to this guide book, which also provides a unique compilation of regional history, culture and natural history within its covers.

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