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Visas and travel

Most people need a visa to enter Tajikistan. The only exceptions are citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan and Belorus. It is possible to obtain a tourist visa from many Tajik Embassies worldwide. We can assist with a letter of invitation if required, as long as you are booking some services with Hamsafar.

Citizens of developed nations may obtain a 30 day visa on arrival at Dushanbe airport but you will need a letter of invitation (visa support), which we can provide if you are booking some tourism services from us. Multi-entry visas are not available on arrival and must be obtained in advance.

All land borders require a visa in advance. Only certain land borders are open for foreign travellers to cross. Currently closed to foreigners are the Jirgital pass from the Garm valley directly into Kirgistan, the pass directly into China which links to the Karakoram Highway and most, but not all, of the river crossings into Afghanistan.

Please note that travel to some areas of Tajikistan, notably the whole Pamir region, requires an additional permit. Pamir or GBAO permits may also be obtained in advance with your visa from Tajik consulates abroad or we can obtain them for you once you have your visa or your letter of invitation. A minimum of 14 days notice is required. A number of areas of the Pamir require special permission over and above the GBAO permit. This includes Lake Sarez and areas of Rankul and Zorkul in the far east and south of the Pamir. The tiger park in southern Tajikistan also requires special permission in advance.

Registration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, ‘OVIR registration’, is required if your visa is for greater than 30 days or for purposes other than tourism. We shall manage this process for you if you are travelling with us.

Most people need a visa to enter Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Afganistan and China. In most cases, you can apply directly to the Uzbek or Kirgiz embassy in your country without a visa support letter. The Kirgiz are particularly helpful and will give a three-month multi-entry visa without requiring any additional documentation.

Your passport should have one completely blank page for each central Asian country you plan to visit plus at least one, preferably two other blank pages and at least 6 months remaining validity.

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