Hamsafar Travel

Bicycles, horses & rafts

Cycling is an excellent way to see the country and experience the culture and hospitality at first hand. A long distance cycle tour of the Pamir highway is a demanding physical proposition for both the cyclist and the bike. We do not have our own stock of bicycles and good quality mountain bikes are not available for hire or purchase in Dushanbe so you will need to bring your own bikes. We can assist with visa and permit support and accommodation in Dushanbe.

There is great potential for horse trekking in the mountains of tajikistan and the strong central asian tradition of horsemanship is maintained in the wild games of Buzkashi played each year in the spring. We offer a ten day trek in the amazing Dashti Ju reserve on the edge of the GBAO region. Here, spiral horned Markhor wild goats can be seen in a remote and rugged mountain environment. They exist only here and in the mountains of Pakistan. Horse treks can be conducted here all year around, although the winter treks take a lower level route.
The rivers of Tajikistan, fed by some of the largest glaciers of the region represent a tremendous economic asset, generating hydro power and also provide some of the most challenging white water in the world. Rivers of all categories abound. We have hosted groups of experienced kayakers but do not have the equipment or the experience to lead such groups. Again, good quality equipment is not available locally so you will need to bring your own and we can provide logistical support.

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