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Culture and wildlife

Tajikstan has a wealth of fascinating historical sites that befits its position at the crossroads of the silk route. The Greek temple on the Oxus, close to the point where the Oxus treasure was found (now in the British Museum), the ancient city of Penjikent, the largest figure of Buddha in central asia and the fortress of Hissor where the red army finally crushed the Basmatchi all bear witness to a rich and colourful history. We include the most interesting local historical sites in our tours along the way but we can also arrange tours with a specific focus on these places.

The natural fauna of Tajikstan is less well known but is quite remarkable. Snow leopards and Marco Polo sheep can be seen in the high mountain environment and the so-called ‘tiger park’ in the south of the country has been established to preserve a unique habitat. The last tiger was seen here in 1957 so don’t hold your breath but the area is fascinating. The Dasti-Ju nature reserve is famous for its Markhor wild goats. Bears and wolves inhabit remote wooded glens along the mountain chains.

At Hamsafar Travel we take our responsibility for sharing and preserving the unique wild landscape of Tajikistan and its flora and fauna very seriously. We believe that responsible hunting has a role in the management of wild places and in the long term survival of healthy populations. We have taken a close look at the sustainability of hunting in Tajikistan and for the next season we shall offer customized hunting trips for the first time.  Bear, wild boar, mountain goat and mountain sheep are amongst the highly prized trophies that can be hunted legally in Tajikistan. We shall not facilitate the hunting of any animal whose survival is endangered and shall ensure that all hunting is fully permitted. Contact us for further details.

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