Tajikistan's mountains have an interesting and varied topography, and the people of the mountain valleys have cultures and languages that are quite distinct. There is no better way to observe these contrasts than to travel across the country by 4WD jeep. It is possible to make a circular tour of the Pamir starting and finishing in Dushanbe but inevitably some of the ground is covered twice. Alternatively, we can arrange with our Uzbek and Kirgiz partners for itineraries to start in Tashkent or Samarkand, and finish in Osh or Bishkek, enabling you to traverse Tajikistan from West to East or vise versa.

The main Pamir highway can be travelled in four days from Dushanbe to the Kirgiz border east of peak Lenin if you are prepared to drive all the daylight hours each day and catch quick roadside meals. However, to see something of the country and its people we would recommend at least a week for this journey and 9 or 10 days for the round trip. In our view, the most interesting route takes you through the Wakhan valley where a narrow strip of Afganistan on the opposite bank of the Panj river is all that separates you from the summits of the Pakistani Hindu Kush. Here the final moves in the ‘great game’ between the British and Russian empires were played out. Here Buddhist remains predate the tidal wave of Islamic conquest that swept the region. Here there are hot springs to soak away the aches of those bumpy mountain roads. Here the traditional Pamiri houses will be your night’s accommodation.

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