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The Pamirs constitute the major part of the eastern half of Tajikistan – the Gorno-Badakshan autonomous oblast or GBAO, covering an area of more than 63,700 sq. km. Three of the highest peaks in the former Soviet Union lie here: Peak Communism (7,495 m), renamed Peak Ismoil Somoni in 1999, Peak Evgenia Korjenevskaya (7,105 m) and Peak Lenin (7,134 m). There are more than 100 other peaks over 6,000 m, some of them still unclimbed.

Peak Communism and Peak Korjenevskaya overlook a large moraine, Moskvina Glade (4200 m), lying between the Walter, Traube and Moskvina glaciers where the most commonly used base camp for ascending either mountain is located.

Exploration of the Pamir by Russian and eastern block mountaineers was quite extensive and most peaks have had at least one ascent. The majority have had no more than that and a few unclimbed peaks remain. The Fedchenko glacier is one of the longest outside the polar regions and the potential for interesting new ascents, high mountain travel and ski mountaineering is immense.  An exploratory ski tour of the upper Fedchenko glacier will be offered in the future – contact us for further details. 

Jutting west from the Pamirs is a huge rocky spur, the Pamir-Alai, which makes up most of west Tajikistan. This is alpine territory with wooded slopes, lakes and rivers gracing the sides of the mountains. The Fann and Hissor ranges are ideal for trekking or more technical climbing.

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